The girlfriend experience

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The second story of September, “THE GIRLFRIEND EXPERIENCE” is here! Yay! I’m especially happy it is out and ready to be read because I was a little behind the schedule this time, but the fact that I was able to release the story on time feels really good. “THE GIRLFRIEND EXPERIENCE” is a really fun story and full of really fun action. I can’t wait for you to read it.

Last month someone asked me to write the bio for an escort and that is how I got the idea for this story, as well as the one that I’m going to write next. I ended up doing more research and looking at escort sites and learning some things that I had no clue about, which is always a good thing. Knowing things is always a good thing. And the photos that I took for the story were inspired by the kind of photos I saw on these escort sites. I even did some photos with the blurred face. (To see the photos from the photoshoot for “THE GIRLFRIEND EXPERIENCE”, you have to join my Patreon. That is the only place where I post all the book photos.)

 Here’s the blurb:

The Girlfriend Experience” is a Casual Encounter story.

What’s in a name? A name means the world if your name is Nichol and a strange man calls you “Jasmine”. Stood up by her soon to be ex-husband and mistaken for an escort, Nichol doesn’t know what to do. She knows what she should do, but that’s not what her body wants her to do.

“I’ve gotten us a room, as instructed,” Drake Hunter said, when Nichol came back to the bar.
Her stomach did a flip-flop – a room to fuck. The envelope full of money was in her hand. She knew what she had to do. She had to give it back. She had to tell him that he made a mistake. That she wasn’t who he thought she was. She intended to say all of that, but when she opened her mouth, something else came out. “Let’s go,” she said, and she shoved the envelope in her purse.

WARNING: “THE GIRLFRIEND EXPERIENCE” is intended for a mature audience. By no means does this story intend to show what happens if you drink alone, or if a stranger gives you two thousand dollars. It only shows what could happen.

Here’ s the cover and where you can buy the story:

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