Erotic Bundle Vol. 4: SENSUAL SECRETS

Erotic bundle Vol. 4: “Sensual secrets” includes a collection of 10 stories, plus one bonus story, about hot wives, doms, and wives who find out their husband’s secrets. Plus, over 100 photos.

You also get a $50 coupon from Katie and Laura’s Fancy Satin Panty Store with your purchase of Erotic bundle Vol. 4: “Sensual Secrets”.

The stories included in the bundle are:

1. What’s Your Secret?
2. Are You Certain?
3. Can you See Me?
4. Bound To Serve Pt. 1
5. Bound To Serve Pt. 2
6. Bound For The Beach
7. Facetime at the Opera
8. Gameday Replay
9. Menage a quatre
10. Vacation Rules
Bonus: Carnival Ride


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