An Affair At Oxbridge

AN AFFAIR AT OXBRIDGE, the first story in THE WIND-UP MYSTERIES, is a Holmesian steampunk novella, that features Lady Clarke–a fearless consulting detective–and Doctor Rachel Adler–her loyal friend and companion.

When the Eye of the East–a diamond as famous for its immense size and quality as for the curse which it brings upon its owners–is stolen, Scotland Yard’s clandestine ‘Special Branch’ turns to the only person in the Empire who can possibly recover it: Lady Clarke. But when she and her faithful companion, Dr. Adler, travel to Oxbridge Manor, they discover there is more to the mystery than just a missing diamond.

What do dangerous highwaymen, petty thefts, and the mysterious illness of the Lady of the Manor–stricken on the cusp of her much anticipated nuptials–have to do with the theft of the famous diamond? For most observers, nothing, but for Lady Clarke, there are no coincidences. Digging into the facts, she reveals a sinister plot that could shake the very stability of the Empire.

Read “AN AFFAIR AT OXBRIDGE” to see how it all unravels.


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An Affair At Oxbridge
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 3 reviews
 by Craig Lacey
A Victorian Detective Story with a Delightful Feminist Twist

An excellent and engaging story in the vein of a Sherlock Holmes mystery. The scenes and sense of the Victorian England setting are extremely well captured by Ms. Macallister's masterful descriptive language. Instead of Holmes and Watson, we have Lady Clarke and Dr. Adler, two intelligent and, shall we say, liberated women. Indeed, their presence as the protagonists in the patriarchal world of 19th century London adds some fun to the story that the dour Holmes could never hope to achieve. And I am always more than a little impressed at Ms. Macallister's uncanny ability to capture the linguistic tonality of the English language regardless of the period or setting of her various works. The story is further bolstered by some fun futuristic (for the time period) mechanical based science (the "steampunk" element referred to in the book description) which invokes almost a Jules Verne like feel to parts of the story. I thoroughly enjoyed this story and very much hope to see more of Lady Clarke and Dr. Adler in the future.

 by Sheri
Devoured in one sitting!

You, Miss MacAllister are an impressively talented writes! I greatly enjoyed An Affair at Oxbridge. It could have very easily been written a certain Mr. Doyle. Your vivid descriptions, use of olde English spellings and your research into early electrical devices is on par with many frequent bestselling authors. I’m so impressed! You have indeed garnered yourself a new fan. Much love, Sheri

 by Oceansideguy
An Old Style Who Done It

The writing held me captive, and I began and finished my reading in a single sitting. An Affair at Oxbridge is far different from other stories written by Ms. Macallister. But the one constant in all of them is her ability to draw the reader in and entertain them throughout. Brava, Ms. Macallister !