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Satin Delights

Casual Encounters

A Lesbian Experience

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Urban Fantasy


Satin Delights

Jingle All The Way (EBOOK)

40 Love (EBOOK)

Are You Ready? (EBOOK)

Bound To Serve Pt. 1 (EBOOK)

Bound To Serve Pt. 2 (EBOOK)

Bound For The Beach (EBOOK)

Can I Help You? (EBOOK)

Is Anyone Home? (EBOOK)

Can You See Me? (EBOOK)

Carnival Ride (EBOOK)

Maid To Order (EBOOK)

My Mentor (EBOOK)

Not So Tender (EBOOK)

Nuptials Sans Groom (EBOOK)

Pretty Young Thing In Pretty Purple Satin (EBOOK)

Rendezvous In Satin Blue    (EBOOK)

Rendezvous With Teacher   (EBOOK)

Riding The Unicorn (EBOOK)

Splendor In White Satin (EBOOK)

The Bottom Line (EBOOK)

The Devil Wears Pink           (EBOOK)

The Gift That Keeps On Giving (EBOOK)

The Interview                         (EBOOK)

The Lady In Black Satin (EBOOK)

The Sweet Scent Of Satin (EBOOK)

Who’s My Sugar Daddy? (EBOOK)

Hot Pink Romance (EBOOK)

I Spy…Satin (EBOOK)

The Survey (EBOOK)