Bound To Serve Pt. 2

Everything changed when Cary was ‘caught’ wearing satin satin panties by his next-door neighbor, Terry. Now Terry has Cary serving at her party dressed as a sexy French Maid, complete with heels, thigh-highs, sexy satin panties, and a lacy bustier. Can Cary pull off the ruse? Or will everyone at the party see that the sexy woman serving the drinks is really a man?

Before Cary could resist, Daxton had pulled him away from the wall and spun him, as if they were dancing, until Cary’s back was pressed against Daxton’s front. Startled, Cary felt Daxton’s erection pushing through his jeans. The photographer’s dick wasn’t huge, but it was insistent against Cary’s ass.
“You are a striking woman,” Daxton panted, and he put his chin on Cary’s shoulder.
They were standing on a plush shag rug in front of a large mirror. The room was dark, lit only by a couple of lamps on the bedside tables, so the two of them were tangled figures caught in shadows.
“You are a beautiful woman, and I could take wonderful photos of you,” Daxton said. He hugged Cary around the middle. “We could make beautiful art together.”
The photographer put his hand on Cary’s thigh, on the lace top of his thigh-highs.
“I could do things to you that would make your body sing, darling,” Daxton said, his hand slipping up Cary’s leg.
Another inch and the photographer’s hand would reach Cary’s panties, then the man would feel the thick, telescopic lens Cary had in his panties…

WARNING: “Bound to Serve Pt. 2” is intended for a mature audience who understands that pinching and pawing another person is never a good idea. Remember: keep your hands to yourself because it’s the right thing to do. Also, you never know what you might find under that skirt.

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Your support makes what I do possible! 

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Bound To Serve Pt. 2
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