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  • Panty Dollars are single use and unique to every purchase.
  • Every purchase will receive a new code for the Panty Dollars.
  • To get your Panty Dollars, send an email with your order number.
  • Email your order number to:

Hey there!

As the sole operator of Misty Mac Books, there may be times when my response is not as swift as desired. Rest assured, I do check my emails every morning. However, if you’ve placed an order for a story or bundle and haven’t received a response within a day, feel free to drop me a message on my social media.

Your patience and understanding are deeply appreciated.


‘Terms and Conditions: Misty Mac Bookstore rewards you with ‘Panty Dollars’ for every purchase made in the ‘Erotica Category’. You will receive one coupon code (PANTY DOLLARS) for each individual story or bundle purchased.