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Satin Delights

Casual Encounters

A Lesbian Experience

Paranormal Pleasures

Erotic Bundles

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Urban Fantasy

Erotic Series

Bound To Serve Pt. 1 (EBOOK)

Bound To Serve Pt. 2 (EBOOK)

Bound For The Beach (EBOOK)

Can I Help you? (EBOOK)

Is Anyone Home? (EBOOK)

What’s Your Secret? (EBOOK)

Are You Certain? (EBOOK)

Can You See Me? (EBOOK)

Are You Ready? (EBOOK)

D&D and The Whip                (EBOOK)

D&D and The Abominable Snowman (EBOOK)

D&D and The Mystery Of The Mirrors (EBOOK)

D&D and The Cursed Beach (EBOOK)

Fleur Du Mal (EBOOK)

Fleur Des Mortes (EBOOK)

Half-Light Angel Wings(EBOOK)

Half-Light Witch’s Kiss (EBOOK)

Half-Light Witch’s Curse (EBOOK)

Praying The Mantis (EBOOK)

Hidden Panty

Pollinate My Flower (EBOOK)

The Proposal (EBOOK)

An Arrangement (EBOOK)

The Contract (EBOOK)

An Affair (EBOOK)

No! (Pt. 1 No! Maybe! Yes! Please!) (EBOOK)

Maybe! (Pt. 2 No! Maybe! Yes! Please!) (EBOOK)

Yes! (Pt. 3 No! Maybe! Yes! Please!) (EBOOK)

Please (Pt. 4 No! Maybe! Yes! Please!) (EBOOK)