Paranormal Pleasures

D&D and The Whip                (EBOOK)

D&D and The Abominable Snowman (EBOOK)

D&D and The Mystery of The Mirrors (EBOOK)

D&D and the Cursed Beach (EBOOK)

Fleur Des Morts (EBOOK)

Fleur Du Mal (EBOOK)

Half Light, Angel Wings      (EBOOK)

Half Light, A Witch’s Kiss   (EBOOK)

Half Light, A Witch’s Curse    (EBOOK)

Ho! Ho! Ho! (EBOOK)

Naughty Is Nice (EBOOK)

Santa’s Cookie (EBOOK)

Sea Foam Lovers (EBOOK)

The Bride Of Bigfoot (EBOOK)

An Arrows First Prick (EBOOK)

Halloween Harlot (EBOOK)

Love At First Suck (EBOOK)

A Virgin’s First Hunt (EBOOK)

Pollinate My Flower (EBOOK)

Praying the Mantis (EBOOK)

An Intimate Encounter of the Fifth Kind (EBOOK)

The Priggish Pro-Position   (EBOOK)