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Sweet Scent Of Satin

“The Sweet Scent Of Satin” is a satin delight story.

All Winston wants is to have a little sniff of Molly’s satin panties. Is that too much to ask? When the satin panties of your desire belong to your boss’s wife and you’re sneaking into their bedroom closet during the company’s Christmas party, the answer is a definite yes. But Molly is delicious, and Winston can’t resist.

Unfortunately for Winston, he gets caught with his nose in the panty drawer, and that’s when things get interesting.

She was wearing a sleeveless black evening gown, and as it came up, and up, and up, he saw the top of her thighs-highs, then the edge of her black satin panties. The sight made him start to shake. He felt as if he was being mesmerized by the shimmering satin. 

Come here, bad boy,” she ordered. 

Submissively, he crawled toward her. 

“Do you want to sniff my panties?” she asked, and she rolled her hips toward him. 

Yes, please,” he gasped. 

“Then sniff, bad boy,” she said.

Warning: ‘The Sweet Scent Of Satin’ contains scenes of a sexual nature and is intended for a mature audience. This is not a recommendation for anyone to sneak into closets and sniff other people’s panties. Panty sniffing should only be consensual, unless you really know that you’re not going to get caught.