The DarkVerse – A Paranormal Experience

Seven Past Midnight

Zoe Dark thinks she’s the only monster in Houston, but she’s about to find out she’s wrong.

It’s New Year’s Eve, and Zoe and the boy she’s babysitting are playing hide-and-seek in the park when the game turns deadly serious. Something comes out of the dark and attacks them. Zoe saves the boy, but she nearly dies.

But the monster that attacked her made two mistakes. First: it attacked someone Zoe was protecting. Second: it left her alive.

SEVEN TO MIDNIGHT” is the first novel in THE DARKVERSE.


Anton’s Folly

It’s Wendy’s big day. She’s having a party for her freshly opened business, ‘Taboo, Books and Boutique’, half Wiccan bookstore, half bohemian clothing store, and all wickedly cool, when Anna Severa, an ancient vampire, crashes the party. Wendy’s friend, Zoe, killed one of Anna’s spawns, and now the vampire wants revenge. What can Wendy and Zoe do when a master vampire is out for blood? Not much.

Lucky for them that Anton Gerber is at the party.

Can the mysterious Anton save the day, or will an ancient evil find its revenge?

“ANTON’S FOLLY” is a short story in THE DARKVERSE.

Roses Are Red

Polished, professional, and fully-feathered, Clara Stone is eager to take her place right alongside her beautifully-bobbed mentor, Laura Flint. But she’ll find out how ready she really is when Red Petrovich, the notorious crime boss, comes knocking. A rare and valuable item has been stolen from Red’s bizarre collection, and he wants ‘Flint Investigations’ to get it back, or else. But that proves easier said than done, because the item disappeared into thin air from a secure location in an inaccessible hill country estate, and the tiny list of suspects reads like the who’s who of the rich and famous.

Can Clara Stone pull a rabbit out of the hat and produce the missing item, or will Laura Flint swoop in to save the day?

“ROSES ARE RED” is a short story in the ‘Flint and Stone Mysteries’ that is part of THE DARKVERSE.

Violets Are Blue

It’s the eighties. Clara Stone’s hair has never reached such heights, and she has found her footing as a girl Friday to the inscrutable Laura Flint, Private Investigator. Working with Laura is a better fit for Clara than her Calvins. That is, until Violet Hunt turns up dead.

When the investigating leads to high society, can Clara and Laura solve a whodunit when the whodunit turns into a what’s-done-it?

“VIOLETS ARE BLUE” is a short story in the ‘Flint and Stone Mysteries’ that is part of THE DARKVERSE.

Dark Duo

Having successfully staked a vampire terrorizing the Budapest subway, Zoe Dark, a fledgling hunter of the Conclave, is rewarding herself with a vacation. She’s taking the train to Paris where she can have her fill of chocolate croissants, if that’s possible. Her bestie, Wendy the witch, thinks the trip is the perfect time for a little R&R-rubbing and romance-but all Zoe wants is a little relaxation. What she doesn’t count on are nosey imps, dangerous daemons, and a mysterious dhampir.

When Zoe’s train ride becomes a fight for her life, she’ll quickly learn what it’s like to go from the hunter to the hunted.

“DARK DUO” is a short story in THE DARKVERSE.

A Witch’s Rite

It’s Wendy Galla’s birthday. She’s turning twenty-one. All she wants to do is get through the day without the sky falling. Is that too much to ask? If you’re a witch coming into your power and inheriting your legacy, what can go wrong?

How about zombie lawyers, a possessed house, an uncle from hell, and the end to everything, including her life?

“A WITCH’S RITE” is a short story in THE DARKVERSE.