Summer is the season for sneaking a sniff

It’s the end of June, which means it’s time to turn up the heat level, and I mean way, way up. And nothing will make you feel the heat more than my latest re-release, “THE SWEET SCENT OF SATIN”, a story that will have you begging on your knees.How I got the idea for...

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June is great for vlogging because bikinis

June is here, yay! And so is my story “VLOG ON!”, a hot story about a woman who vlogs and who shares an apartment with a man who vlogs. And because they both vlog, they’re about to get into all sorts of trouble – which doesn’t mean getting a strike on YouTube, haha;...

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Who doesn’t like weird

Here's a really weird place I found in this weird book, ATLAS OF IMPROBABLE PLACES. It's in Mexico, and it's a little island called ISLAND OF THE DOLLS. Here there's not a tree without dolls hanging from it. Some of the dolls are "strung from branches on ropes", says...

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Why jump to conclusions when you can walk?

7 reasons why jumping isn't always the best way to reach a conclusion:1. If you jump to conclusions, you don't know where you're going to land.2. Jumping isn't as safe as you might think. Are you good at jumping? Even athletes hurt themselves jumping and they're good...

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