Good luck finding the Blue Bird of Happiness

The PINK says to the BLUE: Care for a pink-lady? The BLUE says to the PINK: Not before Blue Monday. The PINK: Suit yourself. I just wanted to help. It looks like you have a fit of the blues. The BLUE: Stay away! I don't want your help. I'd rather have the blues than...

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Would you trust your best friend with your wife?

September is here, which means it’s time to start thinking seriously about how to keep warm in cold weather. But don’t worry, the temperature at my bookstore will never drop, so stop by any time for something hot. September’s first story release is “THE...

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My life would pretty much suck without you

I'm very nervous when I go to the doctor, but there is a doctor that I've been going to for years that I don't mind at all. Her office is just amazing. It looks like you've stumbled in someone's house, someone who's not very neat and who also happens to be a doctor....

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Welcome to 2018 AUTUMN WRITING CONTEST! This is my fourth writing contest. The previous ones were a great success. I'm still amazed at how many people have showed interest and sent their stories. I loved reading them! And now let's get right to it. Here are the rules...

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Do butterflies make good spies?

What you need to know about butterflies: They're slender-bodied, which means they can slip through cracks if they want to spy. They're diurnal, which means they only spy during the day. They never fold their wings at rest, which means if they’re caught spying they can...

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Who’s ever heard of tree wars?

I love trees! Trees are extremely nice to each other. They know a lot about being polite or displaying common sense. For instance: TREE 1 grows its branches until it meets the branch tips of TREE 2 and then stops. The two trees are now branch to branch. "Hey there!"...

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