Salary should be salty, chocolate should be sweet

Do you know what SALT and SALARY have to do with each other? Before there was salary, there was salt. Salt was very expensive in ancient Rome, it was precious like gold, and the Romans paid their soldiers in salt rations, or, as they were called, "salarium"....

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Monkeys don’t wear jackets

If you want to know about monkey jackets, read on. A MONKEY JACKET is a short coat worn by seamen. It is called a monkey jacket because it has "no more a tail than a monkey", says the dictionary. Um... But both Old World and New World monkeys have tails (with just one...

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Maybe means maybe, and yes means yes

The second story of 2019, "MAYBE!", is out! Yay! "Maybe" is the second story in the "NO! MAYBE! YES! PLEASE!" series. "MAYBE" was first released in 2016, so this is the 2019 edition with new cover, new illustrations, and some minor text additions.    I won't lie, I...

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2019 first re-release: “NO!”

The first story, "NO!", of 2019 is out! Yay! "NO!" was originally released in 2016, so this is the 2019 edition re-release, with new photos and some text editing. "NO!" is BOOK 1 of a series, "NO! MAYBE! YES! PLEASE!", which marks the very early beginnings of my...

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Do you see the world as it is?

I was having a case of the blues the other day, and as I was pondering my own blues, my husband asked: "Why are the blues called the blues ? If the skies were yellow, would the blues still be called the blues?" I was actually curious about what he said but I was too...

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