Do not disturb! The maid is cleaning.

The first story of June is out! Yay! So I’m just going to come clean and tell you that “MAID TO ORDER” is guaranteed to make a clean job of turning the heat up on your summer. So sit back and relax. There’s no need to get your hands dirty, just let the maid do the...

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Is a barbarian an asshole?

I sometimes say BARBARIAN when I actually mean to say just plain ASSHOLE, so I looked up BARBARIAN to see if it is at all interchangeable with ASSHOLE. Well, BARBARIAN is what the ancient Greeks an the Romans called all foreigners. Because, to their ears, foreigners...

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Are you a hip lover?

Attention, hip-lovers! Incidentally, I, too, am a fervent hip-lover, particularly Godzilla's hips. They have a certain je-ne-sais-quoi that other hips lack. I guess because they're water-friendly hips. Anyway... Some time ago, THE HIP wasn't the hip as we know it...

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Did Kant ever spin around his room?

Someone asked me at some point: "So what have you read that you think is really good?" Here's something I read recently that I thought was really good: KANT-LAPLACE HYPOTHESIS: the theory of the origin of the solar system. "According to this theory the solar system...

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The spy with the eye that got him in trouble

The first story of May is here!! Yay! Since it’s almost summer, I thought I’d kick off the season with some oceanic vibes. “I SPY…SATIN” has ocean vibes and satin vibes and all sorts of other vibes that vibrate when two people come together in a house with an ocean...

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