October is carnival time!

This year I’ve decided that October is carnival time. At least at my bookstore. “Carnival Ride” is out and ready to be taken for a spin!!! Yay! It’s daring and full of games and frolicking rides, and I hope you’ll agree with me that October should be carnival time. I...

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Who’s for navel gazing?

Someone on my Instagram (hey @vasquezdelmercado!) suggested this post idea: "What is the navel contemplating and why? Here's what this inspired me to write: THE NAVEL: What are you doing? ME: Navel gazing. THE NAVEL: Why? ME: Because I'm curious. Why are you always...

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My first encounter with Hermione!

One of my followers from IG suggested I had a conversation with HERMIONE GRANGER. So, here it is: ME: Is your purse like Fortunatus's? HERMIONE GRANGER: My small beaded handbag? I seriously doubt that. Who's Fortunatus? ME: What? A smart girl like you doesn't know who...

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Fortunatus, Fortunata, which are you?

ME: Fortunatus was a hero in medieval legend who possessed an inexhaustible purse, a wishing cap, etc. Come on, "Dictionary of Phrase and Fable", what do you mean "etc."? MISTY'S BODY: What's an inexhaustible purse? Is that something I can take out around town? ME:...

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That time when I uninvited Dracula

Meet Raja, the female lead in my urban fantasy, "Half-Light, Angel Wings". Someone knocks at my door. ME: Yes? What do you want? VISITOR: May I come in? ME: Sure. Everyone's invited in my house. Now hurry up. I was writing a story and I don't want to lose my idea....

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