The spy with the eye that got him in trouble

The first story of May is here!! Yay! Since it’s almost summer, I thought I’d kick off the season with some oceanic vibes. “I SPY…SATIN” has ocean vibes and satin vibes and all sorts of other vibes that vibrate when two people come together in a house with an ocean...

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The lucky life of a living brain

Here's what I've learned about life (so far). ME: If it's hard, it's called LIVING. If it's easy, it's called LUCKY. Most lives are hard, that's why this is a planet of LIVING BEINGS. MISTY'S BRAIN: The brain is made for thinking. Descartes had it right: "I think,...

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Flowers for the dead

I’m happy to announce that the second story in the “Fleur Du Mal” Series is out. Yay! It is called “FLEUR DES MORTS”, and as the title indicates – although it indicates it in French – it has to do with the world of the dead to some degree. I haven’t written many...

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The weight of water

The first thing I do when I wake up in the morning is drink about a liter of water. Going 8 hours without water makes my mouth water. Are you for all waters? Before you answer, you should know that it doesn't mean at all drinking lots of water, but rather being...

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Listen to your mentor

The first story of April is out!! Yay! It was about time I wrote a mentoring story, because, let’s face it, who doesn’t need some mentoring every once in a while, particularly when it comes to how to conduct yourself in a lawyer’s office. So, are you ready for "MY...

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Dante’s Bolge

Here's a word that sounds like it means one thing but it means something very very different: MALEBOLGE. I can imagine what Malebolge makes you think of. I write erotica, so you can imagine what this word makes me think of: one of the most used words in my stories -...

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