Can anyone see me?

The first story of July is out! Yay!!! “CAN YOU SEE ME?” is the third story in Cleo and Tony’s Journal. For those who have no idea who Cleo and Tony are: they are a married couple who are taking things a little farther in their sex life. It all started with Tony’s...

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What is love?

Here's how LOVE gets people in trouble. ALIEN (from out of space, not the other kind) asks: What is love? ME: A mutual exchange of emotions. (I heard this in a Doctor Who episode and thought it might come in handy some day.) ALIEN: We've studied your video archives....

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Flattery is not dead

I thought flattery is dead, but the other day I ran into Hedylogos who's the less famous brother of Eros and one of the best flatterers in creation. Here's what I mean: ME: Hello! HEDYLOGOS: What a beautiful voice you have, sweetcheeks! It's like ambrosia to my ears....

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Take a ride on a unicorn

The second story of June is out!!! Yay! “RIDING THE UNICORN” is a story that will make you believe in unicorns. And if you have been ignoring your sex life, for whatever reason, a unicorn might appear and hold you accountable. And when it does, you’d better be ready...

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Weasel words, weasel tweets, weasel people

I've just read somewhere that weasels suck eggs. Really? Well, I guess so. They're predators after all. But when I think of things that suck, it's never weasels and certainly not eggs. People usually suck, and eggs usually are cracked. There were some other people...

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Do not disturb! The maid is cleaning.

The first story of June is out! Yay! So I’m just going to come clean and tell you that “MAID TO ORDER” is guaranteed to make a clean job of turning the heat up on your summer. So sit back and relax. There’s no need to get your hands dirty, just let the maid do the...

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