Why smiles are contagious

Do you know why smiles are contagious? Because when you see someone smiling, your brain tries to understand what that someone is feeling and the only way to understand it is by mimicking the other person's facial expression. The brain is actually kind of stupid, if...

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Facts about the well-known gold digger ants

Let me tell you a story of facts, as it was once told by Herodotus, the father of history. He says that in a desert in Asia there live some really big ants, smaller than dogs but bigger than foxes. (FACT #1) The ants live underground. They throw up sand heaps as they...

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Are you funny?

Here's what HUMOR sounds like when it's explained by a philosopher:- jocose imagination (I guess that's what cartoonists have.)- sympathetic wit (I guess that's what you have when you listen to a stand-up comedian and start laughing.) Here's what HUMOR sounds like...

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What do women do on game day?

March Madness is here, and I have a story out that will put you in the mood for sports watching. It’s not basketball, it’s football, but what’s the difference when it’s all balls anyway? “GAME DAY REPLAY” is out, so keep your eye on the ball. It’s game time!I...

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Who likes to do it in public places?

March is here, and I thought I’d kick off the month with a story that takes everyone out of the house. March should be for mingling. “FaceTime At The Opera” takes you to the opera hall where lots of things happen backstage – or on the backstairs - while the show is...

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What can happen when you’re in a beating mood

I am a great lover of mayonnaise! Although I don't eat it that much anymore, but when I do I like it. I mean I love it.Here's what I've just read somewhere about mayonnaise and gave me a really good chuckle. It's 1756, and the French and the English are fighting. Duc...

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