I thought flattery is dead, but the other day I ran into Hedylogos who’s the less famous brother of Eros and one of the best flatterers in creation. Here’s what I mean:

ME: Hello!
HEDYLOGOS: What a beautiful voice you have, sweetcheeks! It’s like ambrosia to my ears.
ME: You must be a stranger to these parts. You sound crazy.
HEDYLOGOS: I’m the God of Flattery. I’m not a stranger anywhere. And you’re as fair as…
ME: Nevermind that. No one enjoys that kind of flattery anymore. That’s why you’ve been forgotten. People go for Eros now.
HEDYLOGOS: Well, people have always gone for Eros.
ME: Aka Cupid.
HEDYLOGOS: He has a Roman aka?
ME: See what I mean? You’ve been forgotten a long time ago. You don’t even have a Roman aka.
HEDYLOGOS: (looking very dejected in his toga) If that is true and people don’t care for flattery, what will I do? I’m doomed to disappear. Forever.
ME: Eureka! Hold it, Hedylogos. There may be a reason why you’ve suddenly appeared here even though most people don’t care about your kind of flattery. There is someone who cares a lot about flattery.
HEDYLOGOS: Who? Where? Where is my sweet tongue needed? I’ll fly like a steed with wings.
ME: Oh. You might want to work on your language a bit. I’m used to that kind of innuendo, I write erotica, but most people aren’t. You must say instead: ‘Who needs my compliments? I’ll drive there as fast as my rental will take me.’ See the difference?
HEDYLOGOS: Have no worries, sweet cheeks, I am the God of Flattery. I can find my way fast anywhere.
ME: Also, if you want your flattery to go over well, I would put on a suit. Flattery goes much better in a suit. And act important.
HEDYLOGOS: But I am important.
ME: Exactly. Goodbye and good flattery!

Yep! Flattery is back. Make sure you polish your flattery skills.

BTW, Hedylogos makes an appearance in one of my erotic sci-fi stories, “The Priggish Pro-Position”.

See you,