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The second story of June is out!!! Yay! “RIDING THE UNICORN” is a story that will make you believe in unicorns. And if you have been ignoring your sex life, for whatever reason, a unicorn might appear and hold you accountable. And when it does, you’d better be ready with a good explanation. But I must warn you: no explanation for ignoring your sex life is a good explanation for a unicorn. So, I guess this makes “RIDING THE UNICORN” a cautionary tale.

The idea for “RIDING THE UNICORN” came from a carrot. I’ve always wanted to write a story about a woman and a carrot – a magical talking carrot – but when I start thinking about a storyline, it takes a turn for the ridiculous. Getting from a carrot to a unicorn was just a matter of free association. Having a talking carrot in your life with whom you can talk about your sex life is totally ridiculous, but having a unicorn is perfectly mundane.

Here’s the blurb:


Riding the Unicorn” is a Satin Delight short story.

Natasha last saw her unicorn when she was in Taylor Shea’s basement losing her virginity, so why does he suddenly appear in a dream twenty years later? And why does he give a horn that she hasn’t gotten laid in five year? Maybe it’s because he didn’t spend all that time between her legs just so she could end up leading a hornless life.

“Go out and live!” the unicorn orders, and Natasha does exactly that.

I finished my éclair and took a look around. No one was watching us. None of them had been touched by the magic dust. They didn’t know that today was special. I reached under my skirt and hooked my thumb in my panties.
It may sound strange, but I’ve never pulled off my panties while I was sitting at a picnic bench, but it was surprisingly easy. I just shimmied them down, stepped out of them, and pulled them over my heels. They were hot and wet from my cum. I held them out to Jax. He looked at the panties in my fist, then at me.
“Um… What do want me to do with those?” he said.
“Don’t you want them?” I said.
He looked at the panties.
“They’re wet,” I said. “It’s been a very moist morning.”
He licked his lips.

WARNING: ‘Riding the Unicorn‘ is not intended for minors. This story does not intend to proclaim that unicorns are real, or that unicorns want everyone to go out and have galloping sex. But if that wasn’t the case, could you really spell ‘horny’ without horn?

Here’ s the cover and where you can buy the story:
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