Do not disturb! The maid is cleaning.

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The first story of June is out! Yay! So I’m just going to come clean and tell you that “MAID TO ORDER” is guaranteed to make a clean job of turning the heat up on your summer. So sit back and relax. There’s no need to get your hands dirty, just let the maid do the cleaning.

The idea to write “MAID TO ORDER” was suggested to me by one of my loyal readers who also kindly provided the outfit which made photo-taking much easier for me, otherwise I would have had to get out the vacuum cleaner and use it as a prop. So thank you for saving me from having to use the vacuum cleaner as a prop because I hate playing with household appliances.

I, actually, had to do a little research on what it’s like to be a maid, and found some things that could be useful once I can afford to stay at really nice hotels. For instance, you can leave a tip in the room, but if you do, you should let them know. Don’t ask them not to clean your room while you’re staying there because that means less working hours for the maids.

Oh, this story afforded me the chance to bring back ‘Rendezvous’, the luxury lingerie shop I made up last year. I love the atmosphere of the place and I like Ms. McKay, the owner of ‘Rendezvous’, but I have to say I would never take her advice on what kind of uniform to wear if I was ever a maid.

 Here’s the blurb:


“Maid To Order” is a Satin Delight which features ‘Rendezvous’.

Hattie is paying her way through university by being a maid at an upscale boutique hotel, but when she receives a free French maid’s uniform from ‘Rendezvous’, she gets more of an education than she has ever counted on.

At a table in the corner of the room, she bent over to dust the table’s legs. She bent from the waist, feeling the skirt lift up. She hadn’t gotten her skirt as short as Vi had gotten hers, but it was short enough so that if she bent over, her satin panties would show. There was a noise behind her. She didn’t look back. She knew he was jerking off his big cock on the down-low.
“Are you having a good time?” she asked, bending over even farther.
“Great time,” he panted.
She moved over to the wardrobe. He had dropped his clothes in front of it. She bent over to pick up a t-shirt. She moved very slowly.
“Did you like what you’ve seen?” she asked.
“Loved it,” he panted.
The noise got louder. She bent over to pick up a pair of boxer shorts.
“I think I’m almost finished,” she said.
“Me, too,” he sighed, and he moaned.

WARNING: ‘Maid to Order’ is not intended for minors, nor is it a ‘how to’ guide to cleaning, unless you like your cleaning to be very ‘hands on’ and ‘lips on’.

Here’ s the cover and where you can buy the story:
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