Maybe means maybe, and yes means yes

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The second story of 2019, “MAYBE!”, is out! Yay! “Maybe” is the second story in the “NO! MAYBE! YES! PLEASE!” series. “MAYBE” was first released in 2016, so this is the 2019 edition with new cover, new illustrations, and some minor text additions. 
I won’t lie, I was really lax with the editing when I first started writing erotica, and when I went over this story recently I was gobsmacked by some of the things I left unedited – DESERT instead of DESSERT, for instance. The fact is that when you go over a story, you can change it and change it forever, however I didn’t try to change this story at all. All I did was some minor tweaks. I think that if I had to write this series today it would be totally different than it turned out in 2016. 
ABOUT THE COVER CONCEPT: the next-to-last scene in this story takes place at a dinner table in a room full of people, and the woman – Jo, the main character – is wearing a very beautiful dress that is mostly see-through. I have this dress from Nasty Gal that has some lyrics from that Courtney Love’s song, Dole Parts, I think it is, woven through it and I thought it went perfectly for this story.
And that’s that about “Maybe”.

 Here’s the blurb:

Jo Williams has given herself to Julius Earl. Where will it lead, and what will she become?

The talk makes me burn with shame. My eyes feel wet, but I don’t say anything, and I don’t leave. I just sit there, letting them talk about me, because they’re right. I want to be used by Julius Earl. He owns me.

The dinner continues. Courses are taken away, and other courses brought in. They eat and talk about me.
“Has she been broken in?” a woman asks.
“She’s not a virgin,” a man says.
“Hardly,” a woman laughs. “That one was a slut at birth.”

I hold my tongue, and I watch Julius. He hasn’t taken his eyes off me, and the desire is still burning in his eyes. It’s lighting a fire in me that won’t let me get up and leave. I need him.

Warning: ‘Maybe!’ is intended for mature, opened-minded people who enjoy reading about explicit sexual topics that involve husbands and wives, crowded sporting events, and stuffy dinner parties.

Here’ s the cover and where you can buy the story:

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