The spy with the eye that got him in trouble

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The first story of May is here!! Yay! Since it’s almost summer, I thought I’d kick off the season with some oceanic vibes. “I SPY…SATIN” has ocean vibes and satin vibes and all sorts of other vibes that vibrate when two people come together in a house with an ocean view.

“I SPY…SATIN” is a story written from a man’s point of view. And thanks to some helpful male insight from my patrons, I hope I captured accurately what a man sees when he looks, lol. (To understand what I’m saying, I’m afraid you have to read the story.)

The story takes place in Big Sur because I’ve seen recently some photos from there and I was so captivated, I’m determined to drive there this summer. Choosing names to fit the characters in a story is always a bit of a challenge – not any name will do, you’d be surprised – so for male character I went with Simon. From Simon Templar! Lol! But the funny part about that is that I can’t see the Simon in my story looking like Roger Moore from the sixties. For some reason I see my Simon a little on the heavier side. For the female character I chose Lyssa, from Nyssa who was one of Doctor Who’s companion at some point. Lyssa is nothing like Nyssa. In fact, Lyssa makes me think of a very typical Lisa. Anyway, I hope you like the story.

 Here’s the blurb:

“I Spy… Satin” is a Satin Delight.

When Simon rents a garage apartment on the coast, he expects a relaxing time with great views. But then he finds a telescope in a locked room, and what he sees through it is sexier than any sunset. Only a saint wouldn’t look through a peephole into a beautiful woman’s bedroom, and Simon is no saint. But when he’s caught, will his delightful punishment fit the crime?

“What are you going to do?” I said, finally finding my tongue.
She stood in front of me. “Don’t worry,” she said. “I’m just going to torture you a little.” And she pulled the dress over her head.
Beneath the dress she was wearing a silk camisole and satin panties. The material clung to her body like a shining second skin. The panties clutched her mound, and her nipples pressed through the silk camisole as if they might cut through.
“Did you enjoy watching me?” she said. She slowly rubbed her hands up her stomach, over the silk.

WARNING: ‘I Spy… Satin’ is a cautionary tale about what can happen if you put your eye to a strange lens. You never know what you will see, and you can get an eye infection because you never know where the eyepiece has been. This story contains explicit material and is not intended for minors.

Here’ s the cover and where you can buy the story:
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