Who has the advantage?

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It’s November, and I have a story out that will make you think of August. If you think November is not a month for outdoor fun in only a skirt and t-shirt, think again. “40 LOVE” is out and ready to take you for a spin on the tennis court. You’ll very likely forget November is cold.

The idea for writing a tennis-inspired story came when someone sent me a tennis skirt – Thanks, R! In fact, writing a tennis-inspired erotica story is relatively easy because you already have the tennis lingo – 40 love, match point, advantage, deuce etc. –  that, basically, provides the dialogue the characters get to play around with. You might say a story like this almost writes itself.

 Here’s the blurb:

“40 Love” is a Satin Delight story.

Tennis can be more than a game, and even the best players can meet their match. That’s what Greg, a tennis coach, learns when he commits the ultimate unforced error – practicing his ‘ground strokes’ where someone can see. Sniffing a student’s satin panties is the ultimate double fault.

He opened Lillian’s locker. The clothes she had been wearing were on a hanger. He pulled the hanger out and fingered through the clothes, ready to write the number of items for the laundry service they used. There was the t-shirt, the tank top, the skirt, and…He stopped. The satin panties were on the hanger.
Greg pulled the panties off the hanger. They were smooth and cool to the touch. Snow white bikinis with a little lace on the band. He rubbed the material between his fingers.
He stopped. What was he doing?
He listened to the building. It was quiet. He was alone.
Alone and horny.
Slowly, he raised the panties to his face.

WARNING: “40 LOVE” is intended for a mature audience. The story is for anyone who loves a match where the volleys are long, the points are hard, and the action goes very, very deep.

Here’ s the cover and where you can buy the story:

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