Are you a hip lover?

by | May 24, 2018 | Daily conversations, Understanding the dictionary | 1 comment

Attention, hip-lovers! Incidentally, I, too, am a fervent hip-lover, particularly Godzilla’s hips. They have a certain je-ne-sais-quoi that other hips lack. I guess because they’re water-friendly hips.


Some time ago, THE HIP wasn’t the hip as we know it today. THE HIP was, apparently, a common expression for morbid depression. As in:

“I wouldn’t go to John’s for tea today. His doctor informed he has the hip.”

Well, having the hip is no laughing matter, although, linguistically speaking, it sounds like it should mean something funny. But guess what? THE HIP is actually an abbreviation of HYPOCHONDRIA. Well, that’s funny! Is that what people thought of other people’s morbid depression? That it was hypochondria?

Oh, there is a very good reason why you’ve never heard of THE HIP before. It’s because now it’s been replaced by THE PIP, as in:

“That hypochondriac is so irritating, he’s giving me the pips.”

I hope no one’s too hipped or pipped after reading this. I have a very good reason to be both hipped and pipped, considering I had to write all this, but I’m only narrow-hipped.

See you,