Can anyone see me?

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The first story of July is out! Yay!!! “CAN YOU SEE ME?” is the third story in Cleo and Tony’s Journal. For those who have no idea who Cleo and Tony are: they are a married couple who are taking things a little farther in their sex life. It all started with Tony’s revelation that he likes to dress as a woman.

The idea for “CAN YOU SEE ME?” came to me after I read an article online about a very expensive hotel with very big windows facing an apartment complex. Apparently the people in the apartment complex were upset because people in the hotel with the big windows had sex without drawing the curtains. In my story, however, no one gets upset. In fact, people are very willing to watch the people in the hotel having sex. But that’s because it’s fiction.

 Here’s the blurb:

“Can You See Me?” is a Satin Delight story from CLEO AND TONY’S JOURNAL.

Antonia isn’t a secret anymore, but does that mean that Tony is ready to be Antonia in public? Is he ready for the world to see Antonia? On the other hand, is Cleo ready to seduce a stranger while a restaurant full of people is watching?

Do I have the courage to go through with this?
“Maybe you want more than a look. Maybe you want a feel,” I say.
The man raises an eyebrow.
“Or maybe a taste,” I say, leaning toward him.
He licks his lips, and shifts from side to side.
Am I making him hard? I hope so.
“What do you think?” I say.
“I think that sounds like a very good idea,” he says.

WARNING: What you find in a sexy pair of satin panties might not be what you expect, but it might be what you really want. ‘CAN YOU SEE ME?‘ is intended for a mature audience.

Here’ s the cover and where you can buy the story:
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