Can cute lingerie make you fall in love?

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If you think August will end on a hot note, well, you’re right. “Love, Undies, and Brooklynne” is out, and it’s hot, and I think it will make anyone who reads it hot. So if you’re not afraid of hot, then get hot with “Love, Undies, and Brooklynne”.

How I got the idea for the story:

Every time I read this story, it strikes me as a little poignant. I never meant it to be this way, but that’s how it works sometimes. The story was actually inspired by a lingerie set that I saw at Urban Outfitters – nothing super sexy, just a cotton lingerie set for everyday wear, and I thought, wow, this is cute! And then I thought, what if a woman would buy this for another woman? And there you go, a story was born.

When I originally released this story in 2016 I took photos for the cover in the lingerie set I’m talking about. This time around I used a different lingerie set from “Adore Me”, that is equally cute but a lot sexier.

 Here’s the blurb:

Brooke likes to be the center of attention, and she is good at pleasing a man. She likes when sex has no strings attached. But when her best friend, Lynne, tells her they’re finished, Brooke discovers that strings are important.

When Brooke realizes her feelings for Lynne run deeper than friendship, can some cute lingerie and honesty retie her strings to Lynne?

Warning: ‘Love, Undies and Brooklynne’ is a short work of erotic fiction that contains graphic scenes and is intended for a mature audience.


Here’ s the cover and where you can buy the story:


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