Bigfoot is out for a hike

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August is here, and it’s about to be the hottest month of the year because “THE BRIDE OF BIGFOOT” is out! Are you ready to add some extra degrees of hot to your already hot day? Keep your ice bucket close, just in case.

How I got the idea for this story:

Easy. Bigfoot has all the attributes that make a super hot erotic hero – he’s big in all the right places, super hairy, and grunts a lot. In addition, he’s not particularly loquacious, he’s more of a physical being, to paraphrase Hermione. Bigfoot is made for erotica! The Bigfoot in my story, however, has some extra attributes that make him even more … alluring … but I won’t spoil anyone’s reading pleasure by giving them away. You’ll have to read the story to find out.

The concept for the cover:

Deciding what kind of photos to take for a Bigfoot story is always easy: the woods, of course. When I originally took the photos for this story – in 2016 – I was new to photography and I wasn’t yet ready to go outside in my underwear – even if it looks easy, it took me a little while and not a little will power before I was really comfortable posing outside in my underwear. So originally, I created a set in my living room: I found a tree branch on the top of my house, got some leaves from the yard, covered myself with homemade dirt – cocoa powder mixed with olive oil – a pair of underwear, one of my husband’s t-shirts that I cut up and some water to make it look like I’m sweaty, and there you go.

This time around I went into the Colorado woods – beautiful place for Bigfoot photos – and because I liked the original outfit, I recreated it. I still have the original underwear, so I used them again. And I cut up another t-shirt. Oh, and I added a pushup bra – in 2016 I didn’t even own a bra, let alone a pushup bra; a pushup bra always looks amazing in photos. The original photos can be seen on my Patreon. And for anyone who wants to see the photos I took this year and the video, they are available exclusively for those who support me on Patreon.

 Here’s the blurb:

All that can go wrong goes wrong on Ray and Amanda’s camping date. So when Ray decides he wants a little nookie in nature, Amanda says no and she runs away, leaving Ray hanging, literally.

But when she’s alone in the woods, Amanda discovers that Ray isn’t the only hairy beast who wants him some nookie. Oh, no. There’s also the rarely-seen, shy species who most people know as Bigfoot, but Amanda gets to know as something else.

A beta reader for ‘ The Bride of Bigfoot’ exclaimed: “It left me with the taste of sperm in my mouth!”

WARNING: ‘The Bride of Bigfoot’ is an erotic story of a cryptozoological nature. If you are offended by accounts of sweet love-making between consenting sentient species, then this is not a story for you. If you have an open mind about meaningful relationships that cross the boundaries of species, then check out ‘The Bride of Bigfoot’.


Here’ s the cover and where you can buy the story:

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