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The second story of February is out! “PLEASE!”, the last installment of “NO! MAYBE! YES! PLEASE!” concludes the crazy journey of Jo Williams, the woman who has way too much sexual energy to be allowed outside of a novel. LOL!!!

About the cover concept:

Last month, in January, I was on a road trip, and at some point I ended up in Atlanta where I stayed in this old house (well, it was more like an apartment in an old building) and I thought, this is the perfect place to take some photos for “Yes!” and “Please!” There was something about the place that worked perfectly with the mood of these two stories. For “PLEASE!” I actually had no idea what outfit to use, but then I looked in my suitcase and I found this pair of black underwear with a white flower and I thought right away: that’s perfect! This apartment had some really amazing features, like this very old-style metal backstairs that reminded me of those old fire escapes, and I wanted to use them for photos, but unfortunately, I had a cold, I was feeling kind of bad, it was cold outside, and I just couldn’t bring myself to go outside in underwear. If I hadn’t had a cold, I would have, but that’s life.

So that’s pretty much all. I hope you enjoy the story and the series. Let me know your thoughts!

 Here’s the blurb:

Jo’s journey has reached a crossroads. Does she want her old life and her husband, or does she want Julius Earl and the dark fulfillment that being with him gives her? Or is there something else for Jo?

Find out in the conclusion of ‘No, Maybe, Yes, Please’.

‘I listen. At first, there’s nothing but quiet. Then I hear something faint. I smile. As quietly as I can, I climb the stairs. I sneak down the hall. The sounds get louder as I get closer. Breathing. The creaking of mattress. Wet body noises. Grunts. Moans. I recognize the rhythmic song. Philip made it home. I creep to the door and listen. There’s a moan. A whisper, “Faster.” A wet slurp. Slapping bodies. I lean against the wall. I rub my stomach, not quite going down to my sweet spot. I listen until I can’t take it anymore. I peek.’

Warning: ‘Please’ is intended for a mature audience.

Here’ s the cover and where you can buy the story:


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