How much do you think before you say yes?

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The first story of February, “YES!”, is out! Just in time for Valentine’s Day when you’re expected to act at least a little bit romantic. And if you’re looking to read a story that will make you feel romantic, I should tell you that “YES!” is not exactly a romantic story. So why am I releasing it for Valentine’s Day? Well, because it has the necessary ingredient in any romance: heat.

“YES!” continues the crazy journey that Jo Williams has embarked upon in “NO!” and seems to take her in a dangerous direction. To me Jo seems a bit of a masochist, and that is not exactly how I intended her to be when I started writing this series. As I was re-reading “YES!”, that I first released in 2016, I was having this kind of thoughts: Oh, my god, I hope she knows what she’s doing. Oh, wow, that’s kind of poignant. Ok, I think she’s crazy.

To be perfectly honest, when I started the “NO! MAYBE! YES! PLEASE!” Series I didn’t actually have an idea of where the story would go, what Jo would do. I made everything up as I went. The first two parts of the series takes Jo in a direction that by the time I had to write the third part that direction seemed to me that it couldn’t lead anywhere good – all these promiscuous situations Jo puts herself in, it seems to me that what she needs is a shrink, not lots of sex. So when I started writing “YES!” I wanted to take Jo in a different direction than the story actually wanted to go: a direction where she can save herself, or find herself rather. So don’t worry, Jo is smart. She’ll figure out things for herself soon enough. In part four, that is.

Here’s the blurb:

“YES!” is the third part of the “NO! MAYBE! YES! PLEASE!” Series.

Jo has a secret. She has given herself body and soul to the powerful Julius Earl, and she’ll do anything he tells her to do, no matter how degrading, because he owns her. Then Jo learns that Philip, her husband, has a secret nearly as dangerous as hers.

With everything she has suddenly in jeopardy, Jo finds that she’s sinking deeper and deeper into her dark desires. Will she find a way to save everything she holds dear? Does she even want to?

I kiss her, slowly and gently. She kisses me back. I pull the scrunchy out of her hair. She puts her hands on my hips. I start to move my ass. She kisses me harder. I grind on her lap. She starts to match my movements. I kiss down her neck to her ear.
​“​You liked watching, didn’t you?” I whisper.
​“No,” she says, but she nods yes.
​“Did it make you hot?” I whisper.
​“Yes,” she whispers.
​ We kiss. I pull away. She leans after me.
​“Let’s go upstairs,” I say.
​She nods. I take her hands, and we go upstairs.

Warning: ‘Yes!’ is intended for a mature audience.

Here’ s the cover and where you can buy the story:

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