Ever wonder what can happen in the backroom of stores?

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April is a great month for gardening (or so I’ve heard), and I’ve just re-released “Garden of Delights”, a story that will put you in the right frame of mind for planting. “Garden of Delights” is here to help you with your flower shopping, but it shouldn’t be used as guide on where or how to plant your seed.

How I got the idea for the story: I wrote this story in 2015 when I knew next to nothing about what readers wanted to read in erotica. I looked around on Tumblr, I looked around on Amazon, I saw that ‘older women – younger man’ is a thing in erotica. I also made far too many trips at Home Depot at the time and looked too much at plants in the garden center. I wanted some potted flowering plants, got some, and eventually they all died, so that was a wasted effort, but maybe not entirely, because out of all these trips to the garden center of Home Depot I came up with a story.

 Here’s the blurb:

Mrs. Marks, a sexually frustrated housewife, heads down to the local garden center where the only things she hopes to cultivate is the forbidden fruit, PASSION. And she finds her prey: Randy, her daughter’s incredibly hot boyfriend. Carnal desires flower in the backroom of the garden center, with customers just feet away, but desire knows no caution.

“I’m in your hands,” I say.

He leans toward me. We’re so close that our bodies are touching.

“Really?” he says.

I notice that his voice had gone husky.

“Yeah,” I whisper. “You’re the boss.” And I rub the dirt off his forehead.

He grabs my wrist in his huge hand. “I’d like to be your boss, Mrs. Marks,” he growls.

“What would you make me do if you were my boss, Randy?” I say.

I can’t believe I just said that. Randy must not believe his ears, either. He stares at me blankly.

“Would you tell me to get down on my knees, Randy?” I whisper, and I touch his chest with my nail.

His chest is a slab of muscle. His hand holding my wrist is hot. He licks his lips, and nods.

“Is that what you want, Randy?” I whisper. “Me on my knees…

But when her daughter Glory shows up, things get messy.

Warning: ‘Garden Of Delights’ is intended for a mature audience. This story involves the healthy hobby of gardening only peripherally, and it should in no way be seen as a how-to guide for planting.


Here’ s the cover and where you can buy the story:

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