Everybody loves Dr. Betty, even the insects

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May is here! The trees are full of leaves, bugs crawl everywhere, the bees are out – I was just watching bees picking pollen in a clover field; they’re so beautiful, going about their life – wasps are trying to make nests on my porch again and that’s a sign that May is here. And for the month of May I have two special stories for you – stories of the wild life.

I’m happy to announce that today’s release is “Praying the Mantis”, a story that will get you very intimately acquainted with the mating habits of the praying mantis. This is one of the very first stories I’ve written, back in 2015. I read at the time about two women who were writing dinosaur erotica together and were very successful on Amazon. I had no idea that erotica could be so popular, and at the time I was trying to get self-published, too, on Amazon but I had no idea what would sell there, what kind of market Amazon was, so I thought, ok, then I’m writing erotica. And that’s how I got into writing erotica.

How I got the idea for this story: I was raking my brain trying to think what I could write about besides dinosaurs, and I ended up reading about insects and their reproductive organs. Suffice it to say, that was all pretty interesting, and it wasn’t hard to come up with a story scenario. Dr. Betty – the hero of my story – is by far one of my favorite erotica heroines I’ve ever had the pleasure to write about. I mean, who else but someone really driven would drink a potion that makes you small when we all know the trouble Alice gets herself into when she gets small?

 Here’s the blurb:


Dr. Betty loves science. She loves science so much she wants to get naked and do naughty things with it. And where there’s a will, there’s a way, or there’s a super science shrinking potion that makes her desires possible.

Find out what happens when Dr. Betty gets hands on, as well as lips on, her subject matter.

WARNING: ‘Praying the Mantis’ is a short story about HARDCORE SCIENCE where the REPRODUCTIVE HABITS of the praying mantis are explored through hands-on, hands-in, and every other kind of in and out that can happen. This story is intended for a mature audience.

Here’ s the cover and where you can buy the story:

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