Who’s the greatest pollinator of them all: the butterfly or the bee?

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The second story of May is here! Yay! “POLLINATE MY FLOWER” is ready to take you on another fantastic journey in the world of insects, and this time it’s the bees and the butterflies. How do the bees and the butterflies do it? You’re only one story away from finding out.

The book cover concept:

For the 2019 re-release of “Pollinate My Flower” I came up with a very colorful concept for the cover. I had an idea, even in 2016 when I first released this story, that the cover should be very colorful. Why colorful? Well, because the world of insects is a colorful one. At least that’s how I imagine it, and technically speaking, butterflies do perceive a much wider color spectrum than we do, so I can only imagine that they see the world in very many bright colors. So for the cover of “Pollinate My Flower” I thought I’d paint myself blue. Initially I wanted to just be painted blue and maybe accent the body with gold foil, but then I saw this lingerie set I bought years ago from Victoria’s Secret and I wanted to see if blue and pink would go together. In my imagination they went great, but what works in your head doesn’t always work in reality. Surprisingly, blue and pink go great together, and I couldn’t be happier with how the photos for the story turned out. Now all that remains to do is to get you to read the story, check out the photos I’ve included with the ebook, and enjoy summer.

 Here’s the blurb:

Dr. Betty’s first experiment was arousing and worked like a charm, but for any experiment to be a success it must be repeated. Dr. Betty repeats her original experiment with a whole sexy swarm.

Find out what happens when Dr. Betty experiences what it really means to be stung by a bee, or the whole hive.

WARNING: ‘Pollinate My Flower’ is a short story about hardcore science where the reproductive habits of the common honey bee are explored through hands-on and hands-in research.

Here’ s the cover and where you can buy the story:

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