Why jump to conclusions when you can walk?

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7 reasons why jumping isn’t always the best way to reach a conclusion:

1. If you jump to conclusions, you don’t know where you’re going to land.
2. Jumping isn’t as safe as you might think. Are you good at jumping? Even athletes hurt themselves jumping and they’re good at jumping.
3. What if they’re a bunch of skittish conclusions? Jumping and flailing your arms about might scare them off.
4. Nobody likes to be snuck upon, and that’s what you’re doing. You never know what a scared conclusion might do. Knock you over the head? Something to bear in mind.
5. Are you wearing the right shoes for jumping? Not if you’re in pajamas or on the toilet.
6. Are you in the right place to jump? Beware of jumping to conclusions in the shower; you’ll break your neck. And you can’t jump to conclusions in the car, either, because the seat belt will restrain you. Keep in mind that it’s probably worse to jump to conclusions while driving than it is to text and drive.
7. When you’re jumping, how do you know you’re grabbing the right conclusion? The chances are you’re grabbing the wrong one.

CONCLUSION: If you want to get to the right conclusion, you must walk to it, one step at a time. Walking or pacing can be done anywhere, and you don’t need to be an athlete, and you don’t need shoes, and you don’t need to worry about your knees. You can also drive to a conclusion if you’re a safe driver and go the speed limit.

So this is how I walk to the right conclusion.

See you,