How do my videos get done?

by | Jan 11, 2018 | Daily conversations, On modeling and photography | 0 comments

Someone on my IG said: “…I can’t help wondering with amusement about the guy behind the camera. He’s just sitting down to a bit of TV and you’re like, ‘Hey I need another video of me in panties’. I bet the behind the scenes is very different than people imagine.”

I’ve always wondered what people imagine about what I do.

Let me tell you how the idea for the videos started. At first I just took photos of myself. So one day I was in underwear walking around and getting stuff ready to take photos of myself and my husband gets the phone out.

ME: What are you doing?
HE: Taking a video of you walking.
ME: Stop it. That’s not sexy. I have to get ready to look sexy.
HE: It looks very sexy from where I am.
ME: Yeah, I bet. Let me see. …(I look at the video he took of me walking around the house)… Um…I don’t know…You think that’s sexy? Those are some horrible angles.
HE: You’re crazy. Everyone will like to see this. It’s real.
ME: You think so? But…well…fine…but work on those angles. Not so much from below, the ass looks too…odd. Oh, and make sure you don’t get our dirty dishes in the frame, banana peels, our empty bottles of wine… Actually, no, the bottles of wine are fine.

So it was never my idea to take videos. It was all his idea, and I went with it. Now basically every time I’m in underwear he follows me around the house with the phone. And no, he doesn’t watch TV. We’re both too busy to watch TV. Now he’s also helping me with the photo taking, basically, taking all the photos, and it’s really a great help, because I need to take lots and lots of photos.

HE: But you’re a horrible boss.
ME: Oh, come on, enough talk. Let’s get back to work!!

Hahaha, but that’s pretty much how it goes.

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