Jingling all the way can be a long way to jingle

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December is here, yay! And since it’s the season for parties and cheer all around, today I’m releasing “JINGLE ALL THE WAY” that will put you in the right mood for a party. And make sure your phone is fully charged. You might have to snap some photos.

How I got the idea for this story:

Actually, it was one of my patrons who suggested a scenario: woman sends some photos of herself to guy. And then, when I was about to start writing the story, I happened to spend a night at a hotel and that’s how I got the idea of where the woman would be. That’s when I took the photos for the story, so the photos came before the story was even written, which isn’t something that usually happens.

 Here’s the blurb:

Jingle All The Way” is a satin delight story.

Scottie attends the Museum’s Christmas party alone, because his wife, Aisha, is on a business trip, brining home the bacon. But absence makes the heart grow fonder – the heart and the libido. Since Scottie and Aisha can’t meet under the mistletoe, they meet on the web, and they do more than trim the tree. Christmas may only come once a year, but Scottie and Aisha come more than once. Until Maya interrupts them.

Will Maya be a grinch and ruin everything, or will Maya be ‘the more the merrier’?

Show me your satin panties!—she messaged.
He had the sudden irrational urge to pull down his pants and snap a photo of his satin panties, hard cock and all. The impulse made his stomach dance, and the feeling was delicious. It felt like peering over the edge of a high place and imagining the fall. This was dangerous fruit to pick.
Show me your panties now!—she messaged.
The command made him quiver. Would she make him do it here?
I want to see how hard I’m making you!—she messaged.

WARNING: “Jingle All The Way” is a holiday tale that’s all about the decking of the halls and a pair of aching…ahem. It is intended for a mature audience.

Here’ s the cover and where you can buy the story:

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