June is great for vlogging because bikinis

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June is here, yay! And so is my story “VLOG ON!”, a hot story about a woman who vlogs and who shares an apartment with a man who vlogs. And because they both vlog, they’re about to get into all sorts of trouble – which doesn’t mean getting a strike on YouTube, haha; my characters vlog about fashion, which means they don’t get strikes.

I originally released this story in 2017, when I had no idea what vlogging was except from reading about it. I’ve only recently started making videos for YouTube and posting there regularly and trying to increase my fan base – well, actually, in the past two months – so I’m a little more familiar with vlogging now. When I was editing this story today, I was thinking how strange that this story doesn’t sound outdated. I was sure vlogging would go out of style but people still refer to their YouTube pages as vlogs. So I can rest easy. “VLOG ON!” isn’t an outdated story.

The concept for the cover: the photoshoot for this story took place in my newly renovated office – I’m so happy of how it turned out, by the way; it’s a very comfortable place to work in and write my stories; oh, great, I’m digressing big time… I took the photos at six in the evening; I didn’t actually mean to take photos, just some test shots, but my hair looked good, the bikinis looked clean, so I ended up taking the photos. The  office chair from Ikea was very useful for spinning, and looked great in the photos, and matched the table. I must remember to leave a good review for that chair. And it looks like I’m in digressing mode again, so let me just end this with: Go read my story, “Vlog On!”

 Here’s the blurb:

“Vlog On!” is a casual encounter story and a voyeur’s fantasy.

When Elspeth volunteers to set up her flatmate’s vlogging system, she had no idea she’d be setting up a surveillance system to spy on him. How can things have gone so wrong?

But then delicious Walt appears on her vid screen, gloriously naked and incredibly erect, and she can only think: How can things have gone so right?

This is wrong, she thought, but she didn’t close the window. In a few moments he’d go to the shower, and then she’d close the window. But he didn’t go to the shower. He hooked his thumbs in his shorts and pushed them down, sliding them over his hips.

“OMG!” Elspeth exclaimed.

Walt stood motionless for a moment, as if he was posing. He looked like a marble statue brought to life, all muscles and… and… and penis.

Warning: “Vlog On!” is not a recommendation for anyone to spy on their flatmates, nor is it an endorsement of the Security State. This story should be read as encouragement for all people with searching eyes, healthy hearts, and good will to come together in the spirit of carnal pleasure to celebrate unity and good, healthy, consensual sex.

Here’ s the cover and where you can buy the story:

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