Perfect your sucker punch, writers! You’re in a tough business

by | Jun 18, 2019 | Daily conversations, Let's laugh! | 0 comments

I was just reading that writers aren’t as famous as athletes. Well, to change that, maybe writing should become a sport. To get published and get your book in a bookstore is already tough, and the competition is fierce. Maybe to get published it should go more like this:

Whoever tackles the editor first gets their novel published.

Whoever throws their manuscript right into the hands of the editor gets their novel published. Not only will the writer need to have a strong grasp of the story but also a strong arm. Get to the weight room, writers!

Whoever can score the most plot points before the manuscript word count limit runs out gets their novel published.

Perfect your sucker punch, and be ready to take off your gloves and knock the other writer into next Sunday with your manuscript. That’s a sure way to win. And then watch the other writer take the full count. Enjoy this winning moment. You’re about to be a published writer now.

Have confidence in your novel. Be forceful. Slam-dunk your manuscript for the chance to get published.

Be ready for run interference. Getting published is a rough business. It’s perfectly fine to obstruct your rival to allow your novel to get into the hands of the editor. You have to do some dirty things if you want to push your novel over the goal line.

So you’re on the ropes, your novel didn’t make it to the editor, another novel is about to be declared winner. That’s what happens if you lead with your chin. But you’re not done yet. Think about it, your novel’s reputation is at stake, pick yourself up, and don’t pull your punches. Give it all you’ve got. And go for a low blow. Great! Wow! What a come back! You’ve been declared winner by K.O. You are now a writer!

I’m still in the game, I’m happy to say, but ouch, the bruising I’ve endured over the years.

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