New Year wish or resolution?

by | Jan 6, 2018 | Daily conversations, Understanding the dictionary

Here’s the New Year’s conversation between my partner and I:

ME: How do you call it when you make plans for next year?
HE: You make new year’s resolutions.
ME: Where I come from you make wishes.

But I like resolutions much better.

There is a really big difference between a wish and a resolution. A wish is something that’s left more to chance and you don’t actually have any power of decision. A resolution is something you make happen.

Now I see why my wishes never came true. I should have made resolutions. When I was a child and wished something like this:

“I wish my parents would change their mind about pets and let me have a dog.”

I should have made it a resolution:

“This year I’m going to rescue a dog from the streets and bring it home and when mom and dad say, “Get that dog out of here!” I will say, “If you want me to stay, then the dog stays.”

New Year’s resolution!!! Hahaha!

Incidentally, my wish about the dog did come true eventually. My partner and I had a dog for a very long time until she died. So, I guess wishes come true, too, but not always in the way you expect.

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