The quality of the round condition

by | Jan 4, 2018 | Daily conversations, Understanding the dictionary


This photo that I took for Christmas reminds me of my favorite word: ROTUNDITY.

I was curious how the Dictionary defines ROTUNDITY, so here it is:

ROTUNDITY: “the condition or quality of roundness or plumpness, as of an object or person” 

For the sake of argument, let’s imagine this is the generic bottom, although it is my very own and very particular bottom, so is its rotundity a “condition”? Imagine CONDITION not as in: ‘I have an eye condition, I’m going to the doctor to have it looked at’, but as in: ‘The Earth is round because that’s the shape it has’. Or is it a “quality”? As in: ‘The rotundity of your posterior makes it very hard for you to button up those jeans.’ (This sounds more like a defect than a quality, but you get the idea.)

I’d say that, judging by the fact that fitness experts have developed all sorts of glute-oriented exercises, the rotundity of the posterior is a most desired condition, although a lot of work goes into it to make a most coveted quality.

Anyway, I must get off my rotundity now…oh, hold on, my work is in front of the computer…Let me rephrase…I must sit down on the rotundity of my bottom and write some stories. Later on, I’ll help the rotundity round back into shape with some rotundity friendly workouts.

I hope you all have a very happy New Year!! Respect your and other’s rotundity!

 See you,