What’s scarier than a vampire?

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It’s Halloween month, boo! But the first story of October is as far away from scary as it can be. “A WRITING ASSIGNMENT” is a casual online encounter that turns into a lesbian romance. Nothing scary about that.

“A WRITING ASSIGNMENT” was inspired by my own writing assignment. But my adventure didn’t go much farther than looking at lots of escort websites. I didn’t actually get to talk to anyone, and I was thinking, as I was writing my piece, how much easier it would have been if I had gotten to actually talk to the person I was writing the bio for. And that’s how I got my story idea. But the way things developed in the story is not at all how it would have gone in real life. I mean who actually gives their address to strangers online? But in erotica it’s ok for people to be a little naïve because in my erotica nothing bad happens. Only the good stuff.

 Here’s the blurb:

“A WRITING ASSIGNMENT” is a lesbian romance.

Darcy is an aspiring writer and enthusiastic chronicler of her cat’s love of reading, neither of which prepare her for the proposal she gets online. A beautiful woman offers her a writing job, paid. For Darcy, it’s like winning the lottery, but who knew that writing could be so ‘hands-on’.

“When you looked at my website, did you like my photos?” Saffron asked. She was slowly flicking her fingers over her nipples.
Darcy couldn’t stop staring. “I loved them. You’re so beautiful,” she said.
“When you were looking at my photos, did you touch yourself?” Saffron asked, and she slowly slid one of her hands down her flat belly.
“No,” Darcy whispered, her eyes following Saffron’s fingers going down, and down.
“Why didn’t you?” Saffron said.
“I don’t know,” Darcy breathed.
Saffron scooted to the edge of the sofa and spread her legs. Her fingers crept between her thighs, sliding over her panties. “I’m looking at you and touching myself, Darcy.” She rolled her hips. “It feels so good. Does it look good?”
Darcy nodded. She couldn’t speak. She could barely breathe.
“Touch yourself, Darcy,” Saffron said.

WARNING: “A Writing Assignment” is intended for a mature audience. This story in no way portrays what writers’ lives are like, or certainly not how much they get paid to write.

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