How women handle it

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Let me tell you about the three women in my urban fantasy novel, SEVEN TO MIDNIGHT. But before I tell you about them, I’ll tell you a true story:

I was about 15 and I went to see a movie, alone. Leonardo Di Caprio and a beach and a pretty girl. Almost an empty theatre-there were two more people in it. Guy comes and sits next to me. I think: What the fuck? It’s an empty theatre. I suddenly have a bad feeling. Man puts hand on my knee. My heartbeat goes right over the roof I’m so angry. I could get up and leave, but I want to see the movie. Argh! I won’t let this guy ruin it for me. I take his hand and throw it off. He puts it on my knee again. I pick it up again and throw it off my knee. He does it again. I want to do some violence, but I don’t even know how to make a fist, let alone throw a punch. I say (YELL, actually):

“Stop putting your hand on my knee, please. I’m here to watch the movie.”

And I throw his hand off again.

I try to see what Leonardo Di Caprio is doing with the girl on the beach, but I can’t see the screen. Instead I’m seeing red, or black. I finally turn to see if the man is still there. He is gone. But he ruined the movie for me. And, obviously, more than that. It took me a long time to calm down.

Here’s how my three women in SEVEN TO MIDNIGHT would have handled the situation with the man in the theater.

ZOE DARK: I would have turned into a panther and bitten his hand off.
WENDY GALLA: I would have brought Zoe with me to the movie and she would have turned into a panther and bitten his hand off.
CLARA STONE: I would have broken his fingers one at a time.
ME, THE AUTHOR: Guys!!!!!!!! That’s assault. In the real world there are laws to handle this kind of situations. Or are there?

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