What it’s like to get killed by kindness

by | Oct 2, 2018 | Daily conversations, Let's laugh!, Understanding the dictionary | 0 comments

I just came across this expression: TO KILL BY KINDNESS, which means to overwhelm someone with benevolence, and other good feelings. It comes from an incident: it is said that Draco, an Athenian politician, was killed by his popularity. He made an appearance in some theater and he was smothered when the spectators, overwhelmed with admiration for him, started throwing their caps and cloaks at him. This was happening in 590 B.C.

So, here’s what I think happened after the throwing of caps and cloaks:

THE SPECTATORS (looking around, with some dismay) start yelling: “Hey, where did Draco go? Has anyone seen Draco? Where did he disappear to? We love him!”

There are shrugs all around. No one knows where Draco went.

THE SPECTATORS’ enthusiasm deflates. “Ok, let’s retrieve our caps and cloaks and get out of here.”

So they all go to find their caps and cloaks only to find Draco’s body underneath.


They put on their cloaks and caps and make a very quiet exit.

Personally, I think Draco might have survived the caps, but the cloaks were too much. Maybe that’s why cloaks are out of style.

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