When you can’t talk about sex, get a teacher!

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The second story of July is out! Yay! “RENDEZVOUS WITH TEACHER” is here to teach you a lesson. Just because it’s summertime, it doesn’t mean all teachers are taking a vacation.

At first I didn’t know what “RENDEZVOUS WITH TEACHER” was going to be about. I just wanted to write another story that takes place at Rendezvous – the best lingerie store in the world, haha! And then I saw a spot on my living room ceiling and staring at it gave me the idea for the opening scene. And the rest of the story just fell into place after that.

 Here’s the blurb:

“Rendezvous With Teacher” is a Satin Delight featuring Rendezvous, the lingerie store.

Cass has a BIG problem, which she doesn’t know how to handle, literally. The problem is with her husband, Lucas, or, at least, the problem is in his pants. What to do when the person you’re intimate with doesn’t know which buttons to push, pull, or rub?

Get a teacher.

“It’s about you, too, Lucas,” Ms. McKay said. “You need to tell her what you want, too.”
Lucas looked at Ms. McKay, then he looked away. Cass pushed herself up.
“Tell me,” Cass said, reaching out and putting her hand on his thigh.
“It’s all right, Lucas,” Ms. McKay said. “She wants to know.”
“I do,” Cass said, and she spread her legs wider. “I want to make you happy.”
Lucas looked down at her. “I want to sniff your panties,” he whispered, and he looked away.
“Really?” Cass said.
He didn’t answer.
“Get on the bed,” she said.
“Huh?” he said.
“Get on the bed,” she repeated. “On your back.”
He got on the bed, and she crawled on top of him.
“Do you want to sniff my panties when they’re off of me?” she said, and she straddled his head with her knees. “Or when they’re on?”
“Either,” he said. “Both.”
Grinning, Cass pushed her crotch onto his face. Their eyes locked.
“Sniff,” she said.

WARNING: “Rendezvous With Teacher” is a hands-on-and-clothes-off teaching experience. It does not exemplify what lessons usually entail, unless you’re thinking about lessons of LOVE. “Rendezvous With Teacher” is intended for a mature audience.

Here’ s the cover and where you can buy the story:
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