Do butterflies make good spies?

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What you need to know about butterflies:

  • They’re slender-bodied, which means they can slip through cracks if they want to spy.
  • They’re diurnal, which means they only spy during the day.
  • They never fold their wings at rest, which means if they’re caught spying they can make a quick getaway.
  • They are the most conspicuous and brightly colored of insects, which means they make horrible spies. They’re noticed everywhere they go, everyone just wants to stare and see what they’re doing. No way can a butterfly do any spying.
  • They flutter, which means they aren’t spy-material. A spy must be decisive, like a roach.

When you’re on your way to becoming a butterfly:

  • If you are vainly or gaudily attired, you’re well on your way to becoming a butterfly.
  • If you are light-hearted, giddy or a trifler, you’re pretty much on your way to becoming a butterfly.
  • If you are a fair weather person, one who is in good form when all is bright but is done for when clouds gather, then I’m sorry to say that you’re a butterfly.


Butterflies are bad spies but they are great kissers. A butterfly kiss is a kiss that you give someone with your eyelashes. Imagine stroking your loved one’s cheek with your eyelashes. You’ve never done it? Oh…

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