My life would pretty much suck without you

by | Sep 6, 2018 | Daily conversations | 0 comments

I’m very nervous when I go to the doctor, but there is a doctor that I’ve been going to for years that I don’t mind at all. Her office is just amazing. It looks like you’ve stumbled in someone’s house, someone who’s not very neat and who also happens to be a doctor. There is always classical music playing, just like at my house. For years she had a really rundown looking radio, but she got something new finally. Also for years she had a broken antique TV set just sitting on a table with stuff piled on it (I’m sorry she got rid of it). There are all sorts of personal things, like ballet posters everywhere – she likes ballet – and children’s drawings tacked to walls and other things like that. Oh, and everything is kind of old looking. The chairs look like they are from 1940’s. The doctor is also old, and I just love her. She’s very strange. She talks very little – thank god, because when doctors talk too much is not a good sign. It’s like she lives on a totally different plane and then at some point she realizes she’s in the consultation room with a patient. And then she’d ask something totally unexpected.

So, the other day when I went to her, and I was lying down like you do at the doctor’s and she was feeling something in my neck (I really hate that!). I noticed she was staring at my chest.

MY DOCTOR: Who got your t-shirt?
ME: My husband.

She smiles, says nothing, goes away, and I’m left wondering what’s so funny about my t-shirt. So I get up and look in the mirror. Well, well, well…there was a design on my t-shirt that I didn’t even realize it was writing. The writing is very hard to read (the t-shirt is grey, the writing is in tiny flowing golden script running in a long line across the chest.) It says: MY LIFE WOULD PRETTY MUCH SUCK WITHOUT YOU.

I wonder if my husband realizes what kind of t-shirt he got me.

See you,