Do you have a minute for a sex survey?

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The first story of March is out! I’ve just finished “The Survey”, but the question is, are you ready to take the survey?

This story was inspired by one of my readers. From the conversations we had back and forth I could see the story very clearly, but once I started writing it, it wasn’t all that easy. I had a difficult time coming up with the survey questions. What kind of questions would you ask if you were asking someone to take a sex survey that you were hoping would to lead to seduction? Read the story and see what I came up with.

 Here’s the blurb:


“The Survey” is a Satin Delight story.

“I’m conducting a survey. Do you have a moment to answer a few questions?” That’s how it begins, but when the questions get hot, who can say where it will go?

“What would you describe as your favorite sexual position?” she asked.
She nodded, and she slowly slipped the pen between her lips.
“Um,” he said, shifting from foot to foot.
She opened her legs farther. Her skirt was creeping up.
“Maybe you like being ridden by a Cowgirl?” she said, leaning back in the chair.
‘Um…Cowgirl?” he stammered.
She bit her lip and rolled her hips.
“Do like to be ridden?” she asked. “You give up a little control, but you can lay back and enjoy the ride. Giddy-up!”
“Um, that sounds really good…” he said, watching her body roll.
“And there’s the Reverse Cowgirl,” she said. “Do you like watching that ass move while she works it?”
“Oh, yes,” he said.
She crossed her legs, giving him a quick flash of white panties over plump pussy, and she wrote something down.

WARNING: “The Survey” is not a typical example of how surveys are conducted. If you answer the door and someone asks you if you’d like to answer questions, don’t expect a ‘happy ending’. This story is intended for a mature audience.

Here’ s the cover and where you can buy the story:
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