Good luck finding the Blue Bird of Happiness

by | Sep 13, 2018 | Daily conversations, Let's laugh!, Understanding the dictionary | 1 comment

The PINK says to the BLUE: Care for a pink-lady?
The BLUE says to the PINK: Not before Blue Monday.
The PINK: Suit yourself. I just wanted to help. It looks like you have a fit of the blues.
The BLUE: Stay away! I don’t want your help. I’d rather have the blues than have pink eye.
The PINK: So the blue-eyed boy would rather shout blue murder?
The BLUE: I’ve heard what you can do. Everyone ends up pinked if they get on your bad side.
The PINK laughs: I used to pink my opponents in duels, but that was in the 17th century. Kicked the habit. Nowadays I’m just a girly color, or so they call me.
The BLUE: You look more like a blue-stocking to me.
The PINK: You’re color-blind if you see any blue about me.
The BLUE: You’re not the very pink of courtesy as you used to be.
The PINK: Well, not even I am always in the pink of pinkhood. Let’s go and see some blue-pictures and be friends. What do you say?
The BLUE: I never watch the stuff. Too indecent.
The PINK: You’re blue in the face. A change of color would do you good, you know.
The BLUE: True blue will never stain!
The PINK: Good grief! You sound like someone who has a lot on their conscience. Blue gown, Bluebeard, bluebottle, blue billies, blue bonnets, blue books, blue-noses, blue-pencil…
The BLUE: Oh, please! No more!
The PINK: Fine. Let’s have pink tea, and then let’s go together in search of the Blue Bird of Happiness.

And so, PINK and BLUE became fast friends. I really hope they find that Blue Bird of Happiness, for Blue’s sake.

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