There’s no one like Marilyn!

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I use MM a lot – short for MISTY MACALLISTER – as in MM Books, MM Productions when I make my silly videos, MMB or MM Bookstore. I’ve just looked in the Dictionary of Abbreviations and it looks like MM is very popular. Here’s what MM stands for:

MACHINIST’S MATE – I have no idea what that is. Oh! Thanks, Wikipedia! It’s what you call the guy who works in the engine room if you’re in the Navy. It’s like English Teacher, ET. Convenient in conversation:

“What do you do? I’m MM. Not to be confused with Misty Macallister.” (haha) “Mmm, nice. I’m ET. Not to be confused with the extraterrestrial.”

MAINTENANCE MANUAL – That’s an essential MM, if you like to do maintenance manually.

MAJESTIES – Take note: the M has double strength when you’re royal. If I was royal, I’d use four MMMM. Not to be confused with “Mmmm!”, which is what you say when things are tasty.

MASTER MASON, MASTER OF MUSIC – A master at his profession deserves two MM. I, too, am master at Misty-ery, therefore MM, Master Misty-rious.

MESSIEURS, otherwise known as ‘gentlemen’ in French – Well! This is interesting. Both French men and Majesties are MM for no apparent reason, which looks like a serious case of confusion waiting to happen, the kind of confusion that can leave someone without the head M. But to be fair, they have M’s to spare.

MODERN MEDICINE – I wish I could afford to talk on the topic of modern medicine but my insurance doesn’t cover it.

MARILYN MONROE – What? Who refers to Marilyn Monroe as MM? That’s something I’ve never heard. It doesn’t sound right somehow. It’s like stripping her of sex appeal.

Frankly, now I feel a lot of pressure to be MM. I don’t mind being next to Maintenance Manual and Modern Medicine, or ‘mm’ – mucous membrane, or milimeter. Even next to Majesties and French men I can overcome whatever shortcomings I have, but next to Marilyn Monroe it’s different.

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