To be or not to be? Is it Useful or Useless to know?

by | Feb 13, 2018 | Daily conversations, Let's laugh! | 1 comment

Did you ever wonder how USEFUL and USELESS get along?

USEFUL says: Make yourself useful!
USELESS says: I am useful.
USEFUL asks: Useful doing what?
USELESS says: Useful being.
USEFUL asks: Being what?
USELESS says: Just being.
USEFUL says: That’s why you’re useless.
USELESS says: Is that what I am?
USEFUL: Yes, you are.
USELESS: And you? Are you?
USEFUL: Am I what?
USELESS: What you are.
USEFUL: What am I?
USELESS: I thought you knew.
USEFUL: I know what you are.
USELESS: Which means you’re not.
USEFUL: Not what?
USELESS: Not what you think you are.

It sounds like they have a communication problem.

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