What’s the bottom line?

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The second story of February is out! And if you’ve been wondering who won my Sweepstakes and what kind of story I’ve written for the winner, well, this is it. It is called “THE BOTTOM LINE”, and it is a story of flashing and teasing at the work place and what happens when the flashing and the teasing are taken to the next level. And what’s more, this story is free!

THE PROCESS OF WRITING A STORY WITH ANOTHER PERSON is an extremely enjoyable one. This is my fourth time writing a story for someone, and all I can say is that I’ll do it again in a moment. I’ve learned so much about what people want to read in erotica, and from my collaborations so far, my Satin Delight Series have benefited the most.

 Here’s the blurb:

Katrina feels like a new woman. She has a new job, a new wardrobe, and new confidence, but all that goes out the window when her old clumsiness sends her to her knees after she drops a pile of papers. When she’s on all fours – her miniskirt pulled up over her round bottom exposing her white satin panties – she realizes she’s flashing her ass at her new boss.


But her boss’s raging erection declares that Katrina is in a whole different kind of trouble.

Instantly, she realized her mistake. A short skirt wasn’t made for crawling, but there she was, on all fours in her boss’s office. She could feel the skirt sliding up over her thighs and pulling halfway up her bottom.

Which meant…!

She was flashing her snow-white satin bikini panties at her boss.
Her blush was atomic. She froze.

“Katrina…” Stephen stammered from behind her.

She lifted her head—not sure if she should run or roll into a ball and cry—and she saw his reflection in the glass wall of the office. He had come halfway around his desk—obviously to help her—but he had stopped mid-way. Frozen in place, just like her. His eyes were focused down toward her bottom—toward the satin panties clinging to her body—his mouth was open—his chin dropped nearly to his chest—and…

She stopped breathing. Her heart started pounding.

He had an erection. It was straining against his trousers, as if it wanted to spring out at her.

WARNING: PANTY FLASHING IN PROGRESS! “The Bottom Line” is about to go way, way up! This story is intended for a mature audience.

Here’ s the cover and where you can buy the story:
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