What you should know about worms, or what you’re better off not knowing about worms? You tell me.

Apparently, WORM was what they used to call dragons and great serpents, especially those of old Norse legend. I didn’t know that, or never thought of it, but now that I think about it, that is what Tolkien calls the dragon in THE HOBBIT.

“Now WORM is figuratively applied to miserable, groveling creatures,” says The Dictionary of Phrase and Fable.

Now how do you think a very regular, decent worm feels being compared to any miserable, groveling creature? There is a serious lack of empathy with the worm in this scenario. Or is it a lack of empathy with the miserable, groveling creatures?

You might also want to know about IDLE WORMS, in case you know some very lazy people. Apparently, it was supposed at some point that little worms would grown in the fingers of idle servants. Which makes me wonder what was supposed to be growing in the fingers of the idle rich?

Anyway, now you know not to shake hands with anyone who’s notoriously known to be lazy, because you might be shaking hands with a worm.

See you,