What did Sleeping Beauty learn in her one hundred years of sleep?

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Here’s something that will make you sleepy. Here’s the story of sleeping Epimenides – I haven’t heard of him but he was very famous around the 6th century BC. He was a Greek seer and philosopher-poet. Here’s how he became wise and got into philosophy and poetry and seeing. One day, when he was a boy, he wandered into a cave and fell asleep. He woke up fifty seven years later, and, to his surprise – I imagine he was surprised – he found himself possessed of all wisdom – I, also, imagine that wisdom must have felt really heavy in his head. So he went on and started helping people with his cave-acquired wisdom.

Here’s the story of Sleeping Beauty. The princess is shut up by enchantment in a castle where she sleeps for one hundred years – Wow! Imagine how much knowledge she could have accumulated in a hundred years! So what happens when she wakes up? She goes on and gets married to this prince who’s some kind of necrophiliac. She has learned nothing. She’s just the same as when she went to sleep. What a waste of one hundred years!

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