What’s tender about Tinder?

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The second story of November is out! “NOT SO TENDER” takes you out for a panty try-on session at Rendezvous, the lingerie store, and then browsing on Tinder, the dating app, where, believe or not, you might be able to find exactly what you’ve been missing.

How I got the idea for writing “NOT SO TENDER”:

 – First, I wanted to write another story that features Rendezvous, the lingerie store, because I wanted to introduce a male worker wearing the lingerie; all the previous Rendezvous stories are about the women who work at Rendezvous.

– And second, I have just gotten some dom-style accessories, and I find that they look great in photos – the whip, the leash, the cuffs etc. –  so I decided to have a dom in the story.

How does a man who works at a lingerie store and models satin panties get to meet a dom? To find out you read the story, of course.

 Here’s the blurb:

Not So Tender” is a Satin Delight story.

The night might be tender, but dating usually isn’t. At least, not for Calvin. What are you to do if you’re a man who loves to wear satin panties, and the people you date think a man in panties is strange? You find new people to date.

For Calvin, Sadie is just a swipe away. But finding someone who accepts you means you have to accept them, so be careful what you wish for.

When a princess meets a goddess, sparks will fly.

“You’re a princess,” she said, looking down at his panties. She grinned. “That’s good, because I’m the goddess.”
She was wearing all black. Her satin panties were goddess cut. Her top was a short bustier that showed off her belly button. Fishnet stockings wrapped her muscular thighs in crisscrossed black. Her boots were studded heels. Her accessories were leather. Her ponytail was loose and her hair fell in a wild clump around her shoulders. She had a long, black riding crop in one hand, and a long leash in the other. Velma was gone, replaced by a leather goddess.
“Um,” he stammered. “Is that what you bought at Rendezvous?”
“This, and other things,” she said. “It was a special order. Ms. MacKay helped me figure out what I needed, and how to use it.”
He looked at the leash. She was also holding leather cuffs. He gulped.
“I like to wear panties,” he said feebly.
“You look good in them,” she said. “Would you like to wear a collar?”

WARNING: “NOT SO TENDER” is intended for a mature audience.

Here’ s the cover and where you can buy the story:

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