Sheet and Whole must get plastic surgery

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One day MISTY’S HAIR was sitting on my head when two travelers approached.
TRAVELERS: We are traveling words. My name is SHEET and my companion is WHOLE.
MISTY’S HAIR laughs: You must be joking! You’re traveling together with names like that?
SHEET: What’s wrong with our names?
MISTY’S HAIR: Oh, you don’t know? You can be easily confused with ‘Shit’ and ‘Hole’.
MISTY’S HAIR scoffs: ‘So’ it says. They’re runaway words. They’re big supporters of “You-know-who”.
MISTY’S HAIR: If you must ask, you shall never know.
WHOLE: That’s nonsense. I could never be confused with HOLE. It’s a totally different word.
SHEET: And I could never be confused with SHIT. It’s a nasty word. While I’m a very prim and decent word.
MISTY’S HAIR: I wouldn’t count on anyone knowing their spelling. Spelling isn’t always what it should be.
WHOLE: But that’s outrageous. You mean to tell us we’re in danger because we can be confused with some disgraceful words because of spelling errors?
MISTY’S HAIR shrugs: A word’s life is a tough life. I suggest you change your names. That way you’ll go unnoticed. You, SHEET, should get rid of ‘T’ and replace it with ‘P’. Any plastic surgeon can do it. And you’ll be safe. No one has any objection to SHEEP. (Privately) As far as I know.
WHOLE: How about me?
MISTY’S HAIR: You should drop your last two letters and become WHO. Everyone will confuse you with ‘The Who’, and they’re totally harmless, just a rock band from the sixties.
WHOLE: But I can’t lose my letters. I’ll be cripple.
MISTY’S HAIR: What’s a few letters? Think of it this way. You’ll gain a decent reputation.

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